William Waddell - Attorney – Of Counsel to Yuhl Carr, LLP

If you have been searching for a knowledgeable, experienced and successful attorney to represent your interests, call William Waddell. Mr. Waddell has been assisting clients achieve excellent results for more than 22 years.

Mr. Waddell holds an “of counsel” position with the nationally recognized law firm, Yuhl Carr, LLP (www.yuhlcarr.com). Yuhl Carr is comprised of six attorneys with 132 years of combined experience. Yuhl Carr is a fully staffed law firm with expertise in handing a wide variety of cases, such as cases involving catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, labor and employment, and business disputes.

Mr. Waddell prides himself in representing all clients to the best of his abilities, regardless if the case is large or small. Mr. Waddell is personally involved in all of his client’s cases, meets all of his clients face to face and keeps them informed of the status every step of the way. As you know, in personal injury and employment matters, insurance companies will do their best to minimize the amount of compensation you get, which is why it is vital that you retain an experienced and passionate attorney to represent you and fight vigorously on your behalf to obtain the best result, whether through settlement or trial.

William Waddell prepares each and every case as if it will be tried before a jury. This attitude ensures that every case is thoroughly investigated. Every significant witness is interviewed, all pertinent documents are reviewed and experts are consulted to ensure that trial, if necessary is successful. This strategy also has the effect of causing defendants to settle cases for larger sums of money knowing that each plaintiff’s case has been diligently prepared for trial.

With respect to personal injury and employment matters, Mr. Waddell works on a contingency basis, which means that Mr. Waddell receives no compensation for his services unless he recovers money on your behalf. All consultations are free.

If you have been injured as a result of a car, bus or truck accident, have been injured as a result of slipping or falling, or at the hands of a doctor or dentist, the person to call is William Waddell.

Similarly, if you have suffered discrimination or harassment at work, or have a business dispute, contact William Waddell. Mr. Waddell, along with the lawyers at Yuhl Carr LLP will make sure you receive first class legal representation every step of the way.

Spanish speaking attorneys are also available.