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Picture of attorney William Bill WaddellAttorney Mr. Waddell is a Partner at the nationally recognized law firm Yuhl Carr, LLP. Mr. Waddell has represented individuals, insurance companies and corporations over his 25 years career in law. He has developed a reputation for maximizing the recoveries received by his clients by combining his experience with intelligent and effective litigation strategies. Mr. Waddell has made his clients millions of dollars. Mr Waddell’s practices focuses on representing individuals in matters involving personal injuries, wrongful death, labor and employment law and class actions.

Prior to joining Yuhl Carr, Mr. Waddell operated a personal injury solo law practice for five years that achieved a level of success that caught the attention of Yuhl Carr leading to his joining the firm as a partner.

Prior to operating his solo practice, Mr. Waddell was a Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for the Universal Music Group, the largest record company conglomerate in the world. In that role, Mr. Waddell handled matters involving some of the most famous recording artists in the world, including Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Nirvana, KISS, The Who, and BB King, among many others.

Prior to working for the Universal Music Group, Mr. Waddell was a litigation associate at Long & Levit, LLP located in San Francisco. While at Long & Levit, Mr. Waddell specialized in complex civil litigation representing corporations as both plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Waddell’s experience in handling large scale corporate lawsuits has provided him with the expertise to handle any case no matter how large or complex.

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Pedestrian Injury Claims

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – PEDESTRIAN INJURY SAFETY: As reported by the Los Angeles Times on July 12, 2015, Los Angeles County is not a safe haven for pedestrians.  In the recent article, after performing a comprehensive evaluation of data for the period 2002 through 2013, the LA Times identified more than...

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You Have A Workers Compensation Claim; But Do You Also Have An Independent Third Party Claim?

Third Party Claims for Injuries Suffered at Work: Most employed Californians are aware that if they are injured on the job they are entitled to benefits in the form of salary and medical treatment as part of the state mandated workers compensation insurance coverage. What some Californians don’t know, is...

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Payment of Medical Expenses in a Personal Injury Claim

Don’t Rely on the Insurance Company for the Person that Caused the Injuries: Some people believe that the insurance company for the person that caused the injuries will simply do the right thing and pay the medical costs incurred to diagnose and treat the injuries. This is not true. If...

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When Medicare Wants Reimbursement of Medical Costs in a Personal Injury Case

Many Medicare recipients, who are injured in an accident giving rise to a personal injury claim or lawsuit,  don’t realize that Medicare is going to seek reimbursement of the medical costs it paid for the injuries suffered.  In fact, Medicare takes a very hard line in seeking reimbursement and normally...

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What To Do After An Accident

It is important that a person involved in an automobile accident understand that injuries sustained as a result of an accident may not seem apparent at the time of the accident. One to four days after the accident, the soreness, stiffness and pain may finally surface. Whether you are aware...

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How a Typical Personal Injury Claim is Handled by an attorney

Most every personal injury case is unique. For example, each case involves different people or companies. The facts and circumstances of the events causing the injuries differ. The injuries differ, as do the treating doctors and the treatment plan for such injuries. In addition, different insurance companies and appointed attorneys...

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The Attorney-Client Privilege

When a person needs to talk to a lawyer, he or she can take solace in knowing that the discussion with the lawyer will be protected by the attorney-client privilege. The attorney-client privilege offers protection from the very first meeting between the attorney and the prospective client. Since 1851, laws...

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